OLO creative farm was founded in January 2005 by Mattia Amadori, Andrea Corti, and Max de Ponti.

From video-installations to music videos, from visuals to concerts, from video art to interactive light installations, OLO creative farm covers every area of visual communication.

Interactivity and immersive experiences also play a central role in the experimentation of the studio, always searching for new ways to bring technology closer to humankind. Visit the site



Mou Factory was founded in 2006 to create avant-garde visual experiences, evolving over the years both in terms of skills and in terms of visual languages to be used to create new products.

Thanks to the tension in the study and experimentation of new technologies, Mou Lab is born: the creative division of Mou Factory, a network of knowledge and professions, in which the curiosity towards the evolution of every aspect of visual communication finds its space to be further explored Visit the site